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Welcome to Anaway Place. A collection of distinct cabins, thoughtfully arranged over 80 acres in the Driftless region of South West Wisconsin. We invite you here to take a breath, share in the simple, and nurture the connection to self and those you cherish, while finding restoration in the gentle surrounding of nature.

You may have recently heard words like mindfulness and hygge, or phrases such as forest bathing and nature therapy. However you like to describe it, we’re all coming to understand the benefits of "unplugging" and especially how moments spent in nature can be very good for us. And that’s what we hope for our guests. That when you’re here you can pause the agenda, stare up at a few trees or slow burning campfires, and take time for what is most important to you.

Beginning in year 1995, originally known as Candlewood Cabins, Anaway Place was created by Norbert and Susan Calnin. Back then they had little idea how this rural corner would grow to be a destination for so many. A source of inspiration to many, Anaway planted a passion in Chris and Lyndsay when they first stayed in the Meadow House in 2021. They fell in love with the place and each other. After years of first-hand learning, researching, and developing a collaboration with their friend Lisa, in June of 2024, the legacy was passed on to the trio collectively known as Hearth & Green.

In earlier years a guest’s decision to unplug was a given. There was barely any cell service and wifi wasn’t a thing yet. These days the decision to detach from tech on the property is mostly a conscious one rather than a limit of location. And it’s something we encourage even more now as a point of self-care and wellbeing during your stay.

You may notice below that our cabins have drawn some attention. There’s no denying they take a pretty picture, but it’s the absence of distraction inside them that’s the real aim, and we hope, exactly what is needed.

Lyndsay, Chris & Lisa


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